Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Marriage?

There was an amusing read in the newspaper the other day. A man had decided to make his wife his sister! Moreover, he had also promised her that he would marry her off to the person she was in love with. Wonder of wonders, his parents too were supportive of this ‘strange’ act. The background of the story is this—being forcefully married off to someone she didn’t even know, the girl mustered her courage to tell so to her ‘husband’. Instead of the “biff bang thud” sequences we see on T.V and read about in newspapers these days, the boy was quite sensible to see that her and possibly his happiness lay in them being married to the person they like and relate with. Nothing ever comes out of a forced, unhappy marriage, rather than broken homes, broken hearts and in some cases a few broken bones. Read More


A Wedding Ring is most important in all wedding ceremonies now. Whether you are a Christian, Hindu or Muslim you are obliged to wear one after marriage. Wedding Ring has different religious concepts .

According to Christians it is being said that, wedding ring originated in Babylon, which was in the shape of eternal serpent. Read More>>

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chavara Matrimony - Kerala Matrimony- Wedding Photos

Chavara - Kerala Christian Matrimony

Chavara Family Welfare centre

Chavara Family Welfare centre [C.F.W.C] has been functioning from 1996 under Chavara Cultural centre, Cochin which was formed in 1971. C.F.W.C is an institute Founded and Managed by CMI Fathers. . Our Matrimonial Services is woven around the ethical webs. We are totally against the concept of Commission based Services and the role of Middlemen when it comes to Marriage. As part of our responsibility to the society, we organize seminars and counseling on family welfare. We have a well equipped matrimonial data bank to help youngsters select their life partners.

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